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Jodi Klass

Jodi Klass

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

Jodi’s Credentials:

Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from Cornell

Registered Dietitian

Certified Personal Trainer

Jodi Says:

I am so excited to be a part of the team at LIFW. The atmosphere here is so positive and they embody what I believe in, that consistency and commitment will help you attain your goals.

Some background on me…I was a competitive gymnast growing up and was fortunate enough to participate in college, until I ended up with an injury that required knee reconstruction. It was in college that my I found my passion for weights and the weight room. Our team would go to the weight room as part of our training, and post surgery the weight room became my sanctuary for getting me, and keeping me, on track strength wise. While l was never able to compete again, I developed a love of weightlifting.

After graduating with my B.S. in Nutrition from Cornell, I worked as a Dietitian in a hospital, and also coached gymnastics. After having kids I stopped working in that capacity, but never stopped going to the gym. Being in a gym (and I have been to many!) has always been a comfortable place for me. It was not until about 3 years ago, when my youngest child went to Kindergarten, that I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor. I have learned so much in those years. I workout differently, am constantly reading about nutrition and fitness, and learning (from my fellow LIFW trainers), as the world of food and movement is always evolving. I am also the owner of mpowr.me, an online fitness and nutritional counseling business. You can learn more about me at mpowrme.com.

Studies show that less than 5% of people who want to get fit actually follow through.

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