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Life, Balance, Change, and how to Fit Fitness Into All Of It.

Life, Balance, Change, and how to Fit Fitness Into All Of It.

Life, Balance, Change, and How to Fit Fitness Into All Of It.

Julia Meszaros


I believe we have all been there before. We come to a point in our training or fitness goal where we feel on top of the world. Nothing can stop us. Our nutrition is on point, we are making the progress in the gym we’re striving for. The competitive nature in us is pouring through, and we are motivated to reach our goal, our competition, and prove to ourselves that we did it.

   Then, something called life starts to creep it’s way on in, and cause us to measure all our priorities in our life. School, schedule changes, life events, work, money, injury. These things creep in, and cause us to put a hold on our training. What do we do during this time? We may wallow in our self- pity most likely for a period of time, then we’re motivated for change, and go back and forth in our heads where we felt “on top of the world with our training or physique”.  We want to go back to where we once were. 

     For me, this has progressively happened over the last few months. Graduate school, finances, injury, a second job, these things caused me to completely re- evaluate my priorities. It’s caused stress, and pity at times. We become so busy taking care of these things, that we at times, may even to forget to take care of ourselves.  I encourage you to evaluate what’s important to you. What’s going to make you feel like yourself again. Is it being a better boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or helping others? Is it seeing and feeling the physical changes within yourself, feeling yourself get stronger?

  Although my own “fitness regimen” has drastically changed due to injury. It’s important for not only me, but for you as well to think of what else has happened during this time to cause you to go through these changes, and think of how much you may have really grown as a person during this time. This growth, I can guarantee will refuel your fire into establishing new ways to revamp yourself through fitness. The gym is a blessing, and we must remember areas of life outside of it.

      My injury has allowed me to realize weaknesses I need to work on to better myself as an athlete. I’ve even gotten engaged to the love of my life during this time! This journey, is in fact a journey. We go through each phase, and each phase teaches us different components of ourselves that may have once been blurred. This is what makes our journey, ours. 

     I have changed the lives of the clients I work with by providing them with strength, motivation, and a reason to better themselves both physically and mentally. The smiles on their faces after completing an exercise or training session that they didn’t think they could complete, puts a smile on my face daily. Knowing I helped them achieve that self- doubt is the best feeling in the world. This is my aspiration for you, this is why I do what I do.  I can be here for you through your own journey.  My wisdom, knowledge, and experience allow me to not only be an effective Personal Trainer, but someone you can lean on as well.

So throw on your sneakers, put on some dope music, evaluate why you want to go to the gym, and make that solid consistent attempt at continuing to better yourself through physical strength.

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Studies show that less than 5% of people who want to get fit actually follow through.

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