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LIFW Mindset: Soul Pt. 4

LIFW Mindset: Soul Pt. 4

Soul Pt.4 by Richard Drake

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

-Maya Angelou

Do you live with passion? What would leading a passionate life look and feel like to you?  Are you passionate about your day to day work?  This week I want to discuss some ways in which we can identify those in our lives who are engaged fully in life the way they want and those who surround themselves with those who haven’t yet figured out what feels best for them.  Being passionate is multifaceted from both an individual and group perspective – both of which are important to feeling a sense of flow, and purpose.

Firstly we must talk about passion and figure out how it can apply to your life.  Passion is a subjective term that can be used to describe someone having an uncontrollable emotion.  More often than not passion can be paired with sexual impulse, purpose driven work, and intense focus and care.  For the purposes of this blog I will stick to the purpose driven work and leave the sexual impulse for another time!  Being passionate about your work is often cited as a positive thing.  If you have a deep emotional connection to say, passing knowledge and helping children grow up to be responsible adults , hopefully you are a teacher!  Passion has the ability to fuel creativity, success, and create environments which are conducive to growth both personal and professional.  

We all have values that are important to us and goals that we want to achieve.  Combining both a passion for a value and a pragmatic approach which focuses on realistic goals can lead to great success.  Let’s take our beloved gym, Long Island Fitness and Wellness for example.  I am both honored and proud that I get to share the gym with some of the most passionate people in this industry.  Every single trainer in the gym share a common goal in helping others achieve success in their life, fitness, and nutrition.  Passion is what drives our team and working off each other’s energy and flow are paramount in making a gym feel like a home.  We take pride in the success in our clients as we work towards finding what works, what keeps people motivated and how to be a support system for concerns both inside and outside of the gym.  I am lucky enough to be part of this and allow my own passion of helping others grow.

Some ways in which you can identify passion and flow is to ask yourself if you look forward to your days of work?  This seems like such a silly question because work is usually defined as just that – work.  Work is usually associated with something that we wouldn’t do if we had endless resources and didn’t need to make money!  Do you feel that time flies by while you work or do you feel like the day drags on and you are constantly looking at the clock?  This is the classic cartoon where the students are sitting in class eagerly anticipating the clock to strike 2:30 so that the ending bell can ring and they can be free.  If you feel as though time goes slow and you don’t look forward to going – you are probably doing something that you don’t feel connected to and don’t particularly care about.  Now I’m not suggesting that every single day you must feel this overwhelming want to go work but I would ask you to take a look at how you feel and if you are given energy by your job, or is energy taken away from you.  Sometimes we may be in an environment that we feel passionate about but the people around you suck the passion right out of you.  

Living with passion is not something that occurs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There are lull times, times when we doubt ourselves and times when we question why we do the things we do.  However the feeling of waking up and seizing the day in work and life will help to manifest a state of flow and ultimately, bring out the best in you!  We should always be striving to improve upon ourselves and our state day in and day out.  Let passion guide you to those who can reflect and allow that passion to grow.   

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